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Americom Technology Inc.

Business Telephony, Cabling, and Utility Services

5123 South Commerce Drive, Murray, UT 84107

Phone: (801) 892-0520 ? Fax: (801) 290-3020


 Chief Financial Officer

Position Description: The Chief Financial Officer (CFO), as a key member of the Executive Management team, reports to the President and plays a strategic role in the overall management of the company. The CFO has primary day-to-day responsibility for planning, implementing, managing and controlling all financial-related activities of the company. The CFO management duties include managing accounting, finance, cash-flow forecasting, strategic planning, job costing, legal, banking relations, compliance, human resources (personnel) including base and incentive compensation; and M&A business model development, deal analysis and participation in negotiations. The successful candidate must demonstrate an ability to work closely with other departments (sales, operations, executive management, etc.) to foster a team environment and achieve financial results. The right candidate will possess in abundance the “behavioral traits” identified below, and be able to demonstrate the knowledge and mastery of key skills, abilities, and experience in the responsibilities further outlined below.


Behavioral Traits:

Achiever, with a demonstrated life pattern of sustained personal and business growth, and desiring to participate in the rewards of your success. Growth oriented, with energy, drive, and commitment to adopt the President’s goal to double firm size through organic growth and strategic acquisitions in 3-5 years. People oriented, realizes that “all of us are smarter than one of us,” and only a great team can deliver sustainable results. Your prior employees will say you were a joy to work for, and they would want to work for you again. Uncommon sense, possessing “good judgment” and reasoning skills that make one wise, and an able confidant and advisor to the president. Uncompromising integrity, demonstrating a life-long dedication to ethical behavior and honesty. Delivers simplicity, seeking to educate rather than confuse with complex data, looking to streamline processes to eliminate waste. Project based deliverer, not a clock-watcher, realizing that as a key member of the

executive team that there are times that will require greater levels of time commitment to ensure desired outcomes, and that delivering results is the measure of performance. Long-term perspective, realizing that business is a marathon and not a sprint, being prepared to do the essential preparations for sustained long-term success. Life-Long Learner, not a know-it-all, but rather a seeker of new information, realizing that there is always more to be learned, and that constant vigilance to keep up with regulations, compliance, and industry best practices. Fun to work with, “not a Debbie-downer,” but a wonderful person to work with that inspires, encourages, and uplifts employees to higher levels of performance.


The CFO is a key member of the Executive Committee that includes: The President, CFO, COO, and VP Sales.

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is by definition the Chief Profit Officer of the company, and as the “profit officer” the CFO’s role is to identify, foresee, and prevent “profit fumbles” in the execution of the business plan, preventing and recovering profit fumbles for the benefit of the livelihood of the firm.

The CFO is responsible for the creation and maintenance of a transparent management monitoring system dashboard providing near-real time key metrics of the firm. The CFO will assess, identify needs, and prepare a CFO financial dashboard, CEO business management dashboard, and COO business operations dashboard to monitor the critical operations and variables of company performance and ensure that all departments are coordinating together.

The CFO is responsible for management of accounting, finance, cash-flow forecasting, strategic planning, job costing, legal, banking relations, compliance, human resources (personnel) including base and incentive compensation; and M&A business model development, deal analysis and participation in negotiations.

Provide leadership in the development for the continuous evaluation of short and long-term strategic financial objectives including business unit performance, operating capital requirements, and cash flow analysis. Provide executive management with advice on the financial implications of business activities. On an ongoing basis, safeguard the financial health of the company, and as needed, recommend consolidation and company business unit restructuring to ensure financial viability and focus of company.

Ensure quality, training, and performance of Finance group by providing timely and accurate analysis of budgets, financial trends and forecasts, and recommendations for financial reporting improvement measures.

Be proactive, direct, and oversee all aspects of the Finance, Accounting, and Human Resource functions of the organization.

Evaluates and advises on the impact of long range planning, introduction of new programs and strategies.

Provide Job Costing and profitability analysis on equipment installations, construction projects, service contracts, and other reoccurring revenue streams. Prepares and updates tools to

streamline sales process collaboration with financial department to ensure profit, gross margin, and capital requirements are met. Establish and maintain strong relationships with senior executives so as to identify their needs and seek full range of business solutions.

Provides liaison with company bank relationships, lines of credit, and vendor credit facilities to manager company risk, ensure capital availability, and ensure cash flow for operations and growth.Manage processes for financial forecasting, budgets and consolidation and reporting to the Company.

Provide recommendations to strategically enhance financial performance and business opportunities including new projects and acquisitions.

Ensure that effective internal controls are in place and ensure compliance with federal, state and local regulatory laws and rules for compliance in HR, financial, and tax reporting.

Provide support to the President in terms of preparation of financial reports, resolutions, and minutes for corporate Board meetings.

Other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the President.

Qualifications and Requirements:

BS in Accounting or Finance, MBA and/or CPA highly desirable

10+ years in progressively responsible financial leadership roles

Experience in utilizing Q360 Accounting Software, Microsoft Office, and ERP systems

SQL programming experience a plus.

History of managing human resource department issues of hiring, firing, compensation, benefit plan administration, payroll, and incentive compensation.

History of CFO leadership for companies of 50 million plus; or in the alternative, demonstrated experience working in organizations of similar size and complexity.

Demonstrated ability to work alone, be self-governing, be proactive, and responsible for accomplishment of the company mission without need for daily coaching or prompting from the President

Experienced in insurance, licensing, bonding, taxes, and other regulatory requirements

Additional Attributes:

Strong interpersonal skills, ability to communicate and manage well at all levels of the organization and with staff.

Numeracy is a must. Financial literacy and computation ability is critical for this position.

Strong problem solving and creative skills and the ability to exercise sound judgment and make decisions based on accurate and timely analyses.

While little travel is anticipate, the position is a time demanding position and the candidate must demonstrate that they understand the requirements of the position, the time required to complete the required duties, and a willingness to be flexible and work the required time-sensitive projects such as tax preparation, audit, and other key tasks that may be undertaken from time to time.


Salary is negotiable and commensurate with ability. Benefits package is typical of other benefit packages for executives in the Intermountain Region and will be detailed to the candidate during the due diligence stage of candidate identification.


The CFO position is available immediately, and it is Americom Technology, Inc’s objective to take the time necessary to find the best available candidate for this position. Americom realizes that the “right” candidate likely is already working for another firm, and we are willing to work with you to make a smooth transition, as we expect the same from our outgoing employees.


Information about Americom Technology, Inc. can be found at our website at: Additional information about Americom that may be of interest to prospective CFO candidates include the following: 2010 Revenue $12M; Employees 72-98 varying on seasonality basis; three business units; operations in mountain west states. Additional details provided in the interview.


 For inquiries please contact: Tonya Collier, Human Resources, 801-892-0516


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